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Salamander is Konami megaROM with a SCC. It is a shoot 'em up like Nemesis, though it is very tough. It also has some adventure like features, making it more than just a shoot 'em up. Excellent game, it's one of my favourites.


...and they say Mortal Combat makes you agressive. This game makes you want to throw your computer out of the window. But don't we all like a challenge? Salamander is has the most advanced gameplay of all Nemesis games. It's the only one with a dual play mode, allows 4 options (in one player mode), and has birdsview stages. (that's vertical scrolling.) This is an extremly difficult game. In dual play mode 2 well trained pilots might have a change...


"I am Van landroth Frehley, head of the Imperial Space Archaeology Institute on the planet Nemesis. Our home planet, Latis, is in the grip of a terrible danger.

The planet latis, where life first began 120 million years ago, is located in the middle of the Telsa galaxy. Surrounding Latis are four other planets called Eioneus, Lavina, Kierke and Odysseus. These are called the Latis planets.

These planets are the stars of civilisation, and their history has taken shape together with the prosperity of the second or modern Latis civilisation. The first civilisation was ancient Latis, which flourished around 100 million years ago. The Ancient Latis people who built this civilisation were masters of a form of psycho-power known as the 'crush below power', something which was beyond our imagination.

They used this power to prosphesy the future. It is said that they could see more than 100 million years into the future, and they what they prophesied was the destruction of their descendants. In other words, us.

They inscribed all that they prophesied on metal and stone tablets, which have become known as 'The Prediction'. So far only the preface and the first chapter have been found. My personal theory is that the other are hidden in underground ruins on the other planets.




King's Valley II: The Seal of El Giza is a game for MSX1 and MSX2 computers by Konami. It is a sequel to King's Valley from 1985.

The MSX2 version only saw a release in Japan.

The same goes for a very rare "contest" version.

The contest was about making levels with the games' built-in level editor, held by four Japanese MSX magazines, two of them are MSX.FAN and Beep.

The winners of this contest received a gold cartridge with the twenty custom stages on it. Custom levels can be saved to either a disk or tape, and the levels are interchangeable between both the MSX1 and MSX2 versions.



SD-Snatcher is a cyberpunk RPG (role playing game). It has elements of Bladerunner (that movie with that other Sean Young in it!) and Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. The game is remake of an other Konami game The Snatcher. The story is more elaborate and the graphics are better. Super Deform has nothing to do with the destructive nature of the snatchers or their ability to snatch, but with the style of the graphics. The characters in SD Snatcher have childlike proportions. So you could say that SD Snatcher is parody on The Snatcher. And, while The Snatcher is an adventure game, SD Snatcher is an RPG.
Sanyo Wavy 23 - MSX 2

Internally, this machine is a pretty standard MSX 2 computer for 1985: 64Kb of RAM, 2 cartridge slots, RGB / Composite and RF video output and the usual MSX-Basic in ROM.

What is really cool about it is the case design. It has this weird angular shape, with some extra area over the right side, both on top over the slots and at the bottom under the arrows.
Reposted bypressanybetonNytemayrpikolokolo

The Wavy 35 is the “poor cousin” of all MSX 2+. It is the only model that doesn’t have a disk drive and one of two (the other being the Panasonic FS-A1FX) without MSX-Music.

However, that is not a reason to ignore this machine. It is actually a pretty difficult machine to find (especially in good state) and since most issues with old MSX computers are related to disk drives, this machine is usually a lot easier to maintain than the others.

Furthermore, the Sanyo models (Wavy 35, 70FD and 70FD2) have one of the best keyboards available amongst all MSX 2+ machines.

Sanyo Wavy 70FD – MSX 2+

The Wavy 70FD is basically a Wavy 35 with an added disk drive and MSX-Music. Just like the Wavy 35, it has one of the best keyboards amongst all MSX 2+ models and it is pretty large when compared to his competitors.
Philips NMS 8245

With the NMS 8245, the Dutch company Philips definitely decides to promote the New Media Systems (NMS) by abandoning the VG abbreviation. This machine is the cousin of the VG-8235, with 3 main differences:
  • The keyboard angle is no longer adjustable, but fixed and integrated to the computer
  • The build-in drive is double-sided instead of single-sided
  • The connector for an external disk drive has been removed

Like the VG-8235, this computer comes with 128kB RAM (not 256kB as indicated on the machine and the box by adding the VRAM). The second cartridge slot on the back is by default closed with a cover, but can easily be used by removing the cover and screwing the supplied cartridge holder onto the computer.

Three models were produced:

  • NMS 8245/00 for the Dutch and Belgian markets, keyboard layout is QWERTY
  • NMS 8245/16 for the Spanish market, keyboard layout is QWERTY with ñ key
  • NMS 8245/19 for the French market, keyboard layout is AZERTY

This machine was also sold in Italy as the Phonola NMS 8245. There is also a special version for Home Banking - see Philips NMS 8245 Home Banking.

Three system disks are provided with this computer, you can enjoy especially a drawing program in screen 8, called 'Designer Plus', an improved version of the 'Designer' utility provided with the VG-8230 and VG-8235.

Besides this tool, the system disks provide MSX-DOS1 with a nice interface and the office suite Ease.

Philips NMS 8250 MSX 2

Philips was the main producer of MSX computers in Europe. The 8250 was consider a high end, ‘professional’ model since it has the keyboard separated from the main CPU. It also has 128Kb of default RAM which is not usual for MSX 2 computers.

This model is also quite unique because it has space for 2 disk drives (most would come with only one though) and it also has a SCART connector on the back.

My computer came directly from the Netherlands (shipping is never cheap) and it is in good shape.

The floppies were replaced by stock PC drivers and the previous owner did a good enough job painting them and putting a little plastic bar on top to cover the gap. Maybe something I can improve on some day. The keyboard has a few marks but overall is very nice, clean and responsive.

I used the same SCART adapter I have for the Spectrum and Amstrad and it worked out great. The image is as good as the S-Video provided by the WSX and Turbo-R. That is great because it allows me to play games which require cassette tapes (like The Castle) without losing the image quality.

Very cool machine.

Panasonic FS A1 WSX – MSX 2+

Technical Specs:

TYPE:Home Computer
YEAR  A1 WSX : 1989
KEYBOARD:Full-stroke keyboard with 5
function keys, 4 arrow keys, numeric keypad & several special keys
SPEED:3.57 Mhz and 6 Mhz
CO-PROCESSOR:Yamaha V9958 Video Display
ROM:32 KB (Basic & BIOS) + 16
(DISK ROM) + 16 KB (built-in software)
TEXT MODES:  40 x 24 / 32 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES:Same as MSX2 specs, plus 256
~ 212/424 (19268 colors), 512×212 (16 colors)
Additional KANJI screen modes
(Japanese text screen modes): 40×24, 32×24, 256×192, 64×48
SOUND:PSG (3 voices) + MSX-Music
(OPLL YM-2413, 9 channel FM synthesizer)
I/O PORTS: Joysticks, Cardridge(2),
Tape(1200/2400 bauds), RGB video output, CVBS/RF video output, Centronics, Sound

BUILT IN MEDIA:720 KB 3,5” floppy drive
built in

Philips VG8235 (MSX2)
In 1986 the second generation MSX2 was started, with more RAM (most of them with 128 KB RAM) and a build-in floppy disk drive.
Spectravideo 728 (MSX), no build-in floppy drive
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