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Health insurance company must take therapy with cannabis provide drugs or reimburse the costs incurred.

In the case of a chronic pain patient in the second instance, the Bavarian state social court ruled that the health insurance fund must bear the costs of medical cannabis therapy.

Specifically, it deals with the case of a chronic pain patient diagnosed with chronic pain disorder, chronic lumboischia, ADHD, recurrent depressive episodes, chronic gastritis with ulcer veritriculi and reflux esophagitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

After several unsuccessful inpatient pain therapies cannabis is said to be the only remedy that can effectively relieve the pain.

The previous analgesics had no effect or had to be discontinued because of too strong side effects. The high cost of cannabis from the pharmacy was the affected person so far.

Already at the beginning of 2016, he applied to his health insurance company for reimbursement.

At that time, cannabis was still not approved for medical purposes and the application was dismissed. The patient filed an objection, which was also dismissed.

The pain patient had then filed a complaint with the Social Court (SG) Augsburg. Although the judges initially gave him the right, the new application was again rejected by the health insurance. The opposition was also rejected in January 2018.

Reason: No medical information had been submitted on recognized medical standard services.

The statement of the health insurance:

Given the plethora of possible pain medications on the market and the low-level ordinances, it was incomprehensible that only medicinal cannabis blossoms were effective in combating pain.

We therefore recommend standardized medicines such as Sativex, it goes on to say. In this case, the effectiveness of Sativex could be proven - the patient does not tolerate the drug.

Richter and Medical Service finally recognized the patient's serious illness.

In the second instance, the Social Court ruled that the health insurance fund must make an available cannabis preparation available as a medicine or reimburse the costs incurred.

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